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Wellness program to keep your employees fit, healthy and happy

AI enabled platform for Employee Wellness, Happiness and Retention.

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Holistic approach to enhancing the employee wellbeing by providing a range of tools and features that promote healthsafety, and motivation. With our software, you can engage your employees at every stage of their lifecycle, from onboarding to retirement.

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Employee wellness we address

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Happiness Assessment

Happiness survey template and sample questionnaire to collect meaningful feedback and understand better factors impacting your respondents’


Meditation trainings designed specifically by doctors and professionals

“HEAR ME OUT” Sessions

Create a safe environment for honest feedback is to encourage peer-to-peer conversations.

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COUNSElling sessions

Experts to provide guidance and advice to help employees achieve better adjustment with his work environment

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Guided mediations & yoga

Guided meditation through videos uploaded daily that can be used to increase productivity

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Leader board

Ranking systems that show employees where they stand compared to their colleagues in terms of workplace performance

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Health tracker

Track employee computer activity in real time to get insights on employee work behaviour.

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Motivational content

Plethora of motivational content to keep your employees productive and motivated and improve corporate and team culture.

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Gym Sessions

Access to gyms with expert trainers. Best in class safety and equipment standards. Regular assessment and tracking.

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Doctor on call

Quickest way to access top medical facilities for your health and treatment for your health problems.

Health Checkups

Prioritize your employees with personalized health checkups, identify concerns, and receive expert guidance for a healthier team.

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