Unleashing Wellness Potential:
Meet the Top 9 Companies Transforming Employee Well-being

Ishika Gupta • May 12, 2023

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are recognizing the importance of promoting employee wellness and happiness. A strong employee wellness program not only helps employees lead healthier and more productive lives, but also attracts top talent to your organization. With that in mind, here are 9 cutting-edge employee wellness software options that can help businesses promote employee wellbeing and mental health, while also improving their online presence and attracting more job seekers.

What is Employee Wellbeing?

Employee well-being is the cornerstone of a thriving and successful workplace. It’s about more than just physical health; it encompasses the overall happiness, contentment, and fulfillment of employees. When employees are supported in their mental and emotional well-being, have a healthy work-life balance, and feel valued and engaged in their work, they can bring their best selves to the table. Employee well-being creates a positive work environment where collaboration and innovation flourish, leading to increased productivity and overall organizational success. By investing in employee well-being, organizations not only nurture the individuals who make up their workforce but also pave the way for a harmonious and prosperous future.

Why should you invest in an Employee Wellbeing Solution?

Investing in employee well-being solutions is a game-changer for organizations. By prioritizing the physical, mental, and emotional health of employees, companies create a supportive and empowering environment that brings out the best in their workforce. When employees feel valued and cared for, they become more engaged, productive, and satisfied. Not only does investing in employee well-being boost morale and reduce turnover, but it also attracts top talent and enhances the organization’s brand image. In a world where employee well-being is increasingly important, organizations that invest in these solutions gain a competitive advantage and foster a thriving, happy, and successful workplace.

With over 70 million users, Headspace is a well-known mindfulness and meditation app that can help employees manage stress, improve focus, and promote mental wellbeing. Including this app in your employee wellness program can attract more health-conscious job seekers who are looking for companies that prioritize mental health.

Lythouse is not just another run-of-the-mill employee wellness platform. It is an all-encompassing solution that caters to every aspect of an employee’s wellbeing, be it personal safety during emergencies, physical safety, or wellness safety. Our platform provides a holistic approach to employee wellness, ensuring that your employees feel safe, motivated, and supported every step of the way. By offering Lythouse to your employees, you can create a culture of wellness that attracts top talent and improves your company’s online presence. Click here to learn more.

Virgin Pulse is an employee wellness platform that offers a wide range of features such as fitness challenges, healthy habit tracking, and personalized coaching. Its integration with wearable devices such as Fitbit can help promote physical fitness and attract more fitness enthusiasts to your organization, thereby improving your online presence.

Wellable is an employee wellness platform that offers wellness challenges, educational resources, and coaching services. Its integration with popular wellness apps such as MyFitnessPal and Apple Health can help your organization attract tech-savvy job seekers who are looking for innovative and engaging wellness programs, thereby improving your online presence.

Limeade is an employee wellness platform that focuses on improving employee engagement, wellbeing, and performance. Its unique features such as wellbeing assessments, coaching, and recognition programs can help improve employee satisfaction and productivity, which can have a positive impact on your online presence by attracting more job seekers who are looking for companies that prioritize employee happiness.

Grokker is an employee wellness platform that offers online fitness classes, mindfulness and meditation sessions, nutrition programs, and personalized coaching. Its user-friendly interface and mobile app make it easy for employees to access wellness resources on the go, which can lead to increased engagement and participation in the program.

Whil is a digital wellbeing platform that offers mindfulness and meditation exercises, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tools, and yoga sessions. Its evidence-based content is designed to help employees manage stress, improve focus, and promote mental health. Whil’s integration with popular HR systems such as ADP and SAP SuccessFactors makes it easy for businesses to manage and track employee engagement in the program.

Spring Health is an employee mental health platform that provides personalized mental health care to employees. Its AI-powered platform offers personalized assessments, therapy matching, and self-guided programs to help employees manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. By offering Spring Health as part of your employee wellness program, you can demonstrate your commitment to employee mental health and attract job seekers who prioritize mental wellbeing.

LifeDojo is an employee wellness platform that offers habit-forming programs to promote healthy behavior change. Its evidence-based programs are designed to help employees build healthy habits around nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, and more. LifeDojo’s integration with popular wellness wearables such as Fitbit and Apple Watch can help employees track their progress and stay motivated to achieve their wellness goals.

By offering these cutting-edge employee wellness software options, businesses can not only promote employee wellbeing and mental health, but also improve their online presence and attract top talent who are looking for companies that prioritize employee happiness. Incorporating these platforms into your employee wellness program can have a positive impact on your organization’s culture, productivity, and bottom line.

So, invest in your employees’ wellbeing today and watch your company thrive!

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