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Notices 30 Nov 2022 | 6:35 am

College students in Chennai block govt bus, raise slogans praising thier gang|

College students from Nandanam Arts College in Chennai blocked a government bus near SIET College and raised slogans praising their gang in front of it. A video of the incident was shared by concerned citizens with the police department, who assured action against the culprits.

  • The menace of unruly college students on govt buses continues in Chennai
  • Nandanam Arts College students blocked a bus and raised slogans praising their gang
  • After a video was shared on social media by citizens, police assured action against the culprits

By Pramod Madhav: The menace of unruly college students on public transport continues to haunt passengers and commuters in Chennai. In the latest incident, students were spotted blocking a bus to raise slogans praising their college and taking photos and videos of them doing so.

Students from Nandanam, Presidency and Pachaiyappa colleges have become infamous for their notorious, illegal and dangerous activities on public transport. They indulge in these activities to show their superiority. This practice has been plaguing the citizens commuting by public transport in the city for decades.

news source: India Today

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