G20 Summit 2023: Dates, Impact, and Advisory for Businesses and Public

Ishika Gupta • March 28, 2023

The G20 Summit is an annual gathering of world leaders representing the world’s major economies. This international forum serves as a platform for discussions on global economic and financial issues, international trade, and other pressing global challenges. In this blog post, we will explore the dates of the G20 Summit in 2023, its potential impact, and offer some advisory points for those interested in its proceedings.

G20 Summit 2023 Dates

The G20 Summit in 2023 is scheduled to take place from Sept 9th to Sept 10th. Hosted by one of the G20 member countries, this event is anticipated to bring together leaders from the world’s largest economies, including the United States, China, India, Russia, and more. The venue for the summit will be announced closer to the date, but it is expected to provide an ideal backdrop for constructive discussions.

Impact of the G20:

  • Online food delivery will be closed in Delhi. 
  • School, colleges and Banking institutions will remain closed. 
  • There may be some limitations in public transport system depending on security requirements as certain modes of public transport and certain routes of public transportation will be modified or temporarily suspended during the G-20 Summit from 07.09.2023 to 11.09.2023. Airport, Railway, Metro services, Interstate
  • Buses & City Buses, TSR/Taxis will be functional as usual; however, the services of the railways, airways, interstate buses, city buses, TSR/Taxis may be affected/curtailed. Metro services shall remain available for commuters at all Metro stations. However, boarding/de-boarding at Supreme Court Metro Station will not be permitted from 0500 hrs. on 09.09.2023 to 2300 hours on 10.08.2023. Interstate buses will also be allowed entry into Delhi. All such buses will have terminating points on the Ring Road as suggested in Traffic advisory. City buses will operate on Ring Road & road network beyond Ring Road towards the borders of Delhi. These buses will be allowed to exit from Delhi.

However, City bus service will not be available in New Delhi Area. No TSR and Taxi will be allowed to enter or ply in New Delhi District from 0500 hours on 09.09.2023 to 2359 hours on 10.09.2023. However, Taxis carrying Bonafide residents and tourists having valid bookings in hotels located inside New Delhi District will be allowed to ply on road network inside New Delhi District. Bonafide residents & authorized vehicles will be allowed to move within New Delhi District.

  • All medical shops, grocery stores, milk booths, and vegetable/fruit vendors will continue to operate throughout Delhi, including New Delhi. General traffic, including all categories of commercial vehicles and buses, will be permitted to travel on the Ring Road and the road network extending beyond the Ring Road towards the outskirts of Delhi.
  • For those traveling to the airport, the Delhi Traffic Police suggests using the Airport Express Line of the Delhi Metro for a convenient and efficient transportation option. Moreover, from September 4 to 13, the Delhi Metro will make ‘Tourist Smart Cards’ available for purchase at designated counters in 36 metro stations, making travel easier for both residents and visitors.

Here are various metro lines you can take to reach or return from Delhi airport:


  • From Dwarka to T3 (and vice versa): Use the Blue Line to Dwarka Sector 21 Station and then transfer to the Airport Express Line, which will take you to IGI Airport T3.
  • From New Delhi to T3 (and vice versa): Take the Yellow Line to New Delhi Station and then switch to the Airport Express Line, which provides access to IGI Airport T3. Alternatively, you can use the Orange Line from Shivaji Stadium to IGI Airport T3.
  • From South Delhi to T3 (and vice versa): Utilize the Pink Line to Dhaula Kuan Station, and from there, take the Airport Express Line to IGI Airport T3. Alternatively, you can use the Magenta Line to Hauz Khas Station, then the Yellow Line to Dilli Haat-INA Station, followed by the Pink Line to Durgabhai Deshmukh South Campus Station, and finally transfer to the Airport Express Line to reach IGI Airport T3.
  • From North Delhi to T3 (and vice versa): Take the Red Line to Kashmere Gate Station, then switch to the Yellow Line to reach New Delhi Station. From there, you can transfer to the Airport Express Line for access to IGI Airport T3.

Advisory from DROR for companies

As the G20 Summit 2023 approaches, businesses in the host city and nearby areas should be prepared for potential disruptions. Here’s a concise safety advisory:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of security updates and road closures through local authorities and G20 organizers.
  2. Employee Safety: Communicate summit details to employees, consider flexible work arrangements, and prioritize their safety. Try and implement work from home for the 8 th and 9th sept. 
  3. Business Continuity: Develop a business continuity plan and bolster data security measures.
  4. Physical Security: Review access control and emergency response protocols at your business location.
  5. Travel Considerations: Assess the necessity of business travel and provide safety guidelines to traveling employees.
  6. Proactive Measures: Collaborate with local authorities, consider additional security personnel, and engage in community safety initiatives.
  7. Employee Training: Conduct safety drills and educate employees on recognizing and reporting threats.
  8. Community Engagement: Support local businesses and participate in community safety initiatives.

By following these guidelines, businesses can navigate the G20 Summit’s impact with safety and security in mind.

Advisory from Dror for public

  1. Use metro as the source of transportation 
  2. Those travelling to delhi Airport are requested to leave early. 
  3. If you’re travelling on 8th sept, try and leave before 5 as restrictions will be implied after 5 p.m. 
  4. Plan Your Commute: Use mappls map for directions if travelling on 8th-10th sept for updated directions according to the advisory. 
  5. Follow Instructions: Comply with any security instructions from law enforcement personnel or event organizers.

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