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Ambulances PAN India

Lythouse’s extensive ambulance network of 11,000+ vehicles across India provides reliable emergency medical services. With advanced equipment and highly trained paramedics, our ambulances ensure timely medical care and transportation. Trust Lythouse for safe and efficient emergency assistance.

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Doctors on call

Lythouse’s doctors on call service provides quick and convenient medical advice for employees. Our reliable and secure service ensures access to quality medical care. Get instant assistance from qualified doctors. Keep your employees safe and healthy with Lythouse.

Lythouse SOS services

Lythouse’s SOS service provides a comprehensive emergency response system with advanced threat intelligence and a highly responsive support team. With 24/7 alert monitoring and state-of-the-art technology, Lythouse ensures the safety of employees and quick response to any emergency. Our SOS services help create a safe workplace and enable quick action during emergency situations.

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Road Side Assistance

Lythouse provides reliable roadside assistance anytime, anywhere.

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Safe Heavens

Stay safe on-the-go with Safe Havens - our network of secure and trusted locations to provide you with peace of mind while traveling.

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Lawyers on call

Lythouse help you connect with highly rated and reviewed Lawyers for your legal needs


for road side assistance


Ambulances across


Cities listed under safe havens



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